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Survive and Write your own story! Interactive Physical Augmented Reality Horror Book & Game. This is a handmade book with 126 pages and polymer clay cover. Write your own adventure with your own portrait. Summon demons from the pages and defeat them. But be careful! The Game is very difficult and and the demons come to life in your room. Good luck my old friend...
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Asmodeus is one of the “Seven Princes of Hell” who specializes in lust. 5300 years ago Asmodeus wrote a book that gave humans the ability to summon demons into their world. If you’re able defeat said monstrosities, all of the world’s pleasures will be yours. But defeating them won’t be easy. In some cases, you’ll need the assistance of other demons to help you win your battles. Check the video.


Augmented Reality is a technology that allows you combine the Physical World with the Virtual World using a technological device. Thanks to Augmented Reality technology the demons of Book of Asmodeus come alive on your Smartphone or Tablet.
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Each story arc begins with you choosing an archetype specific to you as a person. All the classics are there: the Jock, the Final Girl, the Fooler, the Nerd, and the Cheerleader. This choice will determine the type of puzzles Asmodeus will present to you.


There is no other book like this. Book of Asmodeus is a handmade, painted with acrylic colors, artisanal binding, unlined pages, and a protective matte finish. Great gift for horror enthusiasts! But listen to me! Please don't read from the book because the demons will be free.


Your own story

Book of Asmodeus is an interactive AR book that allows you to decide how the story unfolds. As you read the book, you are presented with choices that will let you move forward through the story. Make the wrong choices, however, and you may find your journey coming to an abrupt end, forcing you to start again at the beginning.


Download the sample pages here.

Using interactive augmented reality (AR) to enhance the images on the pages, readers are able to see and interact with 3D demons, which appear to come alive and can be manipulated by the viewer. We use the latest AR technology (ARKit and ARCore)


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